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I am passionate about working with people to improve their professional lives and encourage them to give of their best in whatever they do. In 2023 the second edition of my book, Using Supervision in Schools co-written with Jo Rowe, was published about our experiences of introducing supervision into education. My dream has long been that supervision should be offered to education staff and I have been working for the last few years to see how to make that happen. I am an experienced trainer in supervision, have written on the subject and produced resources with Research in Practice, Practice Supervisor Development Programme and In-Trac, Training and Consultancy as well as books aimed at educational professionals.

The world is one of rapid change so developing a flexible mindset, knowing what is essential for your own wellbeing and building your own resources and capacities all feature in the work I do. As does finding what motivates you, allows you to sparkle and gives you a sense of purposefulness, what is sometimes described as Ikigai -a reason for being.

Using my background experience of social work and managing in health and social care settings, I thoroughly enjoy working as a supervisor and trainer. I like to work creatively empowering people into remaining committed to their work and enthused about their ongoing professional development. Supervision is a reflective space to cope with the demands being made of you, to think about the impact and work out what to do next. Supervision is a professional conversation that safeguards you, your wellbeing and those you have responsibility for (students, staff, school).

There is a strong commitment to safeguarding children, young people and adults as well as promoting wellbeing, in how I work.


BA 1984 Applied Social Sciences with Religious Studies (University of Lancaster)

CQSW 1989 (Croydon College)

Practice Teacher’s Award 1995 (Goldsmiths’ College)

Certificate in Supervision and Mentoring (Childcare) 2001 (University of Leicester) Advanced Award in Social Work

MSc 2013 Professional Studies (Practice Education) (University of Southampton)



Sturt , P and Wonnacott, J. (2016) Supervision for Early Years Workers Pavilion Publishing

Sturt, P. and Rowe, J. (2018) Using Supervision in Schools Pavilion Publishing

Sturt, P., and Rothwell, B.  (2019) Implementing the integrated model of supervision: A view from the training room Aotearoa New Zealand Social Work 31 (3) 116- 121

Sturt, P. and Rowe, J. (2023) Using Supervision in Schools 2nd Edition  Pavilion Publishing

Practice Supervisors –  Free Resources and Tools:

Recent Work

My new book Using Supervision in Schools is published. I am very pleased that this collaborative effort with Jo Rowe and colleagues in education settings is now in print and available. Training in supervision is also available through In-Trac Training and Consultancy . Please read on to find out more.

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Delighted that this article, co-authored with a fellow In-Trac Associate, Bridget Rothwell, has just been published. We are keen as trainers to keep a dialogue going between practitioners and academics about how supervision continues to be useful in practice and what supports the conditions to be an effective supervisor. I continue to offer supervision training through In-Trac to supervisors working in children’s services, early years and school settings.

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