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Making new habits

January 7, 2015 @ 7:42 am

Apparently it takes 28 days to change a habit. Sounds manageable doesn’t it? What resolutions did you make last week? How are you getting on with them? Changing a habit requires an idea of what you want to achieve and things that motivate you in getting there; especially at the point when you want to revert to a familiar and comfortable way of being.

Which habits would you really like to change and what support do you need in order to succeed?

I’ve noticed on twitter the 100 days challenge:most memorably decided she was going to do a hundred gigs in as many days. Well it works because once you have done something for a hundred days you have established a new habit. It works because at the point you thought about giving up you had a finite amount of time left for your challenge.

My challenge for 2015 is to write something every day for 100 days. Perfectly reasonably my daughter said “for your blog?” No not necessarily, ” a diary then?”, again, no, not necessarily. My challenge to myself is to write. If you become a regular reader of this blog you may see some of the results, however my ambition is not to write a 100 blog posts or 100 diary entries, it is to master the challenge of writing everyday. Writing when I do not want to or have nothing to say. My ambition is to enhance my writing abilities and hone them from regular practise.

What is your 100 day challenge?


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